Get Out of Your Comfort Zone                         Improv Ensemble                                               Green Shirt Studio-Jimmy Carrane
Niche                                                                       Improv Ensemble                                                                Stage 773-Jimmy Carrane
The Hot Muffins                                                   Improv Ensemble                                                                Stage 773-Jimmy Carrane
Slow Comedy Advanced                                     Improv Ensemble                                                                Stage 773-Jimmy Carrane
The Horny Menorahs                                           Improv Ensemble                                                           Second City-Jimmy Carrane
Cheaper With Coupons                                       Improv Conservatory Ensemble                                        Second City-Norm Holly
The Completely Naked Players                          Improv Ensemble                                                The Studio for Actors -Anna Risley






Bachelor of Arts                                                    Theater, Acting                                                                    Columbia College Chicago
Acting (Scene Study)                                            Scott Olson, Brian Posen,                                                 Columbia College Chicago
                                                                                  Paul Amandes, Craig Spidel
Voice                                                                        Gigi Buffington, David Nisbet                                          Columbia College Chicago
Stage Combat                                                        David Woolley                                                                    Columbia College Chicago
Dialects                                                                    Susan Philpot                                                                      Columbia College Chicago
Adv. Comedy Improvisation                                Jimmy Carrane                                       Second City/Stage 773/Green Shirt Studio
Improvisation                                                         Rich Sohn                                                                            Annoyance Training Center
Improvisation Conservatory                               Norm Holly, Nicky Margolis                           Second City Chicago Training Center
Scene Study, Voice, Dialects                                Anna Risley, Ken Gregg                                       The Studio for Actors (Tucson, AZ)
Comedy Improvisation                                         Anna Risley, Ken Gregg                                        The Studio for Actors (Tucson, AZ)





Impressions:  Alec Guinness, Ed Wynn, Sean Connery, Ted Levine, Christopher Lee, Mike Henry (Characters),

Daws Butler (Characters), Bernie Sanders
Dialects:  Australian, Russian, Canadian, Minnesota, Maine, Southwest, New York (Multiple), Chicago, RP British, Cockney, Mississippi, Ireland (Multiple), Scotland, French
Other:  Air Force Veteran, Mechanic Tradeskill (Automotive & Aircraft), Hand and Power Tool Use,

Desktop Computer Assembly, M-16 Rifle Use, Vocal and Physical Mimicry (Adept)




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